Travel & Tourism



The Republic of Kazakhstan, located in Central Asia, is where old meets new, and ancient traditions blend with Western culture. Visitors are enchanted by the Kazakh culture as well as the region’s natural beauty.

Until recently, Kazakhstan was hidden from most of the world because it belonged to the former Soviet Union. However, the past twenty years have marked significant growth in this newly independent nation, making it an increasingly popular tourist hotspot.

Kazakhstan provides for virtually every category of tourism, including:

  • Educational
  • Theatrical
  • Cultural
  • Ecological
  • Therapeutic
  • Youth-focused
  • Sports
  • Equestrian
  • High-adventure

Given Kazakhstan’s natural beauty and rapid growth of tourism, the government focuses on international tourism promotion by participating in international travel fairs and exhibitions. For instance, since 2001, Kazakhstan has been involved in London’s World Travel Market (WTM). In 2006, during the WTM in the Docklands, Kazakhstan’s exhibit hosted senior representatives of Kazakhstan’s tourist industry, including major tour operators, world-class hotels, and Air Astana, and the national airline.